The Isley Brothers’ ‘Between The Sheets’ ended up the most sampled soul track of the 90s, its most high-profile usage of course being on Notorious BIG’s ‘Big Poppa’. But among the assorted head-nodding bangers was this spine-tingling gem from the teenage reggae artist Lil Vicious. Sounding a lot like contemporary reggae singer Singing Sweet, Vicious sings the praises of his shortee, resulting in the coolest ode to teenage love ever committed to record. This was produced by DJ Clark Kent, and is drenched in that classic feel-good flava. Vicious, who hailed from Brooklyn, released one album, ‘Destination Brooklyn’, before fading into obscurity. He must be close to the ripe old age of 30 by now.

And, for once, an artist with ‘Lil’ in their name who’s actually worth listening to!

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