Alternative Beatles researchers Matt Sergiou and Desiree Hall rejoin host Mark Devlin for the third instalment of roundtable chats exploring occult and conspiratorial aspects of the most fascinating pop group of them all.
Up for discussion this time are the 50th anniversary of the group’s official break-up, the recent passing of German photographer Astrid Kircherr who played a key role in the Beatles’ early image, and was engaged to bass player Stuart Sutcliffe until his own extremely early death, Paul McCartney’s apparent bad memory, the connection into the Black Lives Matter narrative of the song ‘Penny Lane,’ and the co-opting of Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ into a kind of socialist anthem for these times, the postponement of the upcoming Peter Jackson ‘Let It Be: Get Back’ movie, and the claims of plagiarism levelled against the recent Beatles-themed movie ‘Yesterday.’

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