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Here is episode 9 of the ‘Magical Mystery Talk’ podcast examining occult and esoteric aspects of the Beatles and associated topics. It’s a mammoth listen!

I feature just on the intro to this one, then handing the reins over to Matt Sergiou and Desiree Hall for the full conversation.

Here are Matt’s notes on the show:

Magical Mystery Talk episode 9 – number 9, number 9, number 9: A Whole Load to Talk About

In this episode of Magical Mystery Talk that Mark – with the exception of his opening intro – has stepped back from, thanks to his very busy schedule at the time of recording it, Desiree and I also talk about a number of new books that have been released since the last time we spoke in January 2023, including ‘Dead Groovy,’ which takes a look at the life, career and suicide – or was it murder – of David Jacobs who, during the 1960s, was lawyer for The Beatles and the band’s manager Brian Epstein, who was also his friend.

Also published was ‘Living the Beatles Legend: The Untold Story of Mal Evans,’ a biography about one of the group’s most trusted inner circle. He was their roadie, their gofer, their constant welcome presence, and a productive asset in some of the sounds that were written and also created in the recording-studio by one or more of the Beatles and/ or their artists on their ‘Apple’ label. He too, same as Jacobs, met a suspicious end to his life, dying violently from police gunfire, four years before John Lennon was shot, and his death too is mentioned by me and Desiree given that yet another book out in 2023 is ‘Mind Games: The Assassination of John Lennon,’ authored by TV producer and researcher, David Whelan. As you might be aware, I posted up an interview with him some weeks prior to the release of this ninth episode of Magical Mystery Talk, and it’s available at ‘The Occult Beatles.’

Elsewhere, Paul McCartney’s daughter, Stella, has been flying the flag for so-called ‘climate change’ – yet again, as has her friend Phoebe Gates, daughter of Bill Gates – yes, you read that right(!). George Harrison’s son, Dhani, released an album in 2023 featuring lyrics of a Magical Mystery Talk flavour, it would appear, and towards the end of the year there was the passing of musician and singer/songwriter, Denny Laine, former member of the band Wings. All this is discussed plus a lot, lot more. There truly, really was much to talk about, and weaving in and out of a large chunk of it is P.i.D. – which Ringo has had something to say about in 2023!

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