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  1. After over 18 months of this my biggest shock has been the compliance of the people here in the UK. Still 4 times a week at least I say to my husband something along the lines of “the lies are so blatant, the figures and the reactions do not correlate, I can’t understand how people don’t see it and WHY we see it differently and have always done so from the beginning….”. We have lost many friends (not fallen out but just not bothered to contact each other because we know which side of the coin we are on. However, have made as many new friends from Stand In the Park as had before. A little party last night here was just a wonderful tonic. If you can throw a little party for your Freedom loving friends it will raise all your vibrations.

    We were discussing our new messaging boards for outside Waitrose, Gillingham, Dorset not focusing on Covid but the meaning of a Digital Passport in simple, sentence flow. We are also discussing an UMBRELLA roadside protest, perfect for winter. We intend to line the street with Umbrellas with our favourite Truthers on our umbrellas and simple messaging. My umbrella is already well known, featured on UK Column and seen in Daily Mail footage etc, You’re on it! Keep up the good work Mark and looking forward to Musical Truth 3 X

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