I was humbled and honoured to have Charlie Freak of Freaksense TV put out a comprehensive tribute podcast to my work. We had a great free flowing conversation covering aspects of spirituality, consciousness and the machinations of Organised Society in which I also related a few personal anecdotes.

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  1. William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false

    Charlies explanation makes perfect sense. I remember the news of the Las Vegas shooting and a motorcade with limos moving through Vegas and that ties in to the claims about the Saudi prince. There is no doubting Trump makes indications at events, publicly showing his hand, his position in relation to other world players.
    What makes it harder to connect the dots is the lack of mainstream objectiveness, and unbiased reporting for so long. Its a mighty Main Stream Public relations machine at work, so its very easy to miss what Trump has been doing. That Trump controls the Fed and hasn't been assassinated is a huge indicator of supporting his dots.Trump is not Cabal, and Not a Zionist. Never has he stated that he is a Zionist, But for sure he baits the left, the cabal making gaffes, remarks, only for the purpose of public response for people to think about where they stand. If you haven't figured there is a domestic enemy, a 5th column then you will diss this information as fantasy. Great show, because the thinking requires imagination, something a left brainer normie would totally miss.