Although I’ve studied the whole ‘Paul Is Dead’ subject thoroughly for a few years now, this interview truly blew me away. My main drawback was still not having read ‘The Memoirs Of Billy Shears’ by Thomas E Uharriet, which purports to be the auto-biography of the individual who has been impersonating Paul McCartney for the past 50 years, (but seemingly embellished just enough to be written off as ‘fiction’ in order to avoid any legal actions, and to establish plausible deniability!) The book’s not cheap, and its price is what’s kept me from reading it, (although a £15 Ebay voucher arrived in my inbox just today, which I’m taking as the Universe’s way of telling me that now is the time to get it!)

Here, Mike Williams, aka Sage Of Quay, gives Sofia Smallstorm his interpretation of this most monumental and audacious of deceptions, based on the book’s revelations. It’s interesting to note that Mike was an ardent PID sceptic who was not having any of it, until he ACTUALLY went to the trouble of looking at all the evidence with a truly open mind. Then, he says, the truth became undeniable.

People still ask, ‘what does it matter if McCartney was replaced? Who cares?” We SHOULD care, because if the Establishment can get away with killing off and replacing one of the most famous people in the world right under our noses, what else are they willing and capable of, and what does it say about the real motives of those that preside over all areas of our lives, and how easy we are to fool?

We’ve just passed the 50th anniversary of this event. For any genuine and serious students of this subject, I thoroughly recommend putting your feet up, turning the phone off and absorbing the full two hours-plus – and declining from any reflex-action ‘this is ridiculous’ comments at the outset!

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