With the UK now having arrived at the V-word agenda, (always the long-term goal,) there’s a possibility that, once the year-long ritual is complete by late March 2021. we might be told that things can slowly start to “get back to normal.” (This, of course, will be attributed entirely to the “success” of the V-word.)

If and when this happens, there’s a very real danger that people, so keen to reclaim their lives, will simply chalk up the events of this year as “a terrible experience” and seek to move on. This cannot be allowed to happen without the perpetrators of the Crimes Against Humanity that we have witnessed, ALL being held to FULL account and judgement for what they have done. If they’re not, nightmares of the type we’re all enduring will only be rolled out all over again.

Never forgive. Never forget. Psychopaths don’t just stop when you ask them nicely.

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