Announcing a hugely worthwhile project to have come from Gloria Moss and Katherine Armitage, and which, to my thinking, will serve as an ideal gift for any friend, family member or associate who might just be showing the first signs of twigging that all is not quite right in the world!

Rather than seek to scare or overwhelm them with “conspiracy” info, this book simply encourages the critical thinking process, with stories shared by various thought leaders from assorted walks of life, about their own journeys of this nature. (I’m gratified to have been invited to be one of them.)

The book will be getting its official launch at 8.15pm on Friday 16th December as part of the Questioning History weekend at Ashburnham Place in Battle, East Sussex.

All other details are below. Much kudos to Gloria and Katherine for taking the initiative with this great project, and for anyone who will be in attendance at Questioning – one of the events that I most look forward to every year … see you there!


Light Bulb Moments and the Power of Critical Thinking:  Insights from Cutting-Edge Thinkers and Literary Heroes

This important new book comes at a crucial point in human history when unreason seeks to dethrone what is best about human civilisation.  Our weapon against the forces of destruction is Critical Thinking, a concept celebrated by Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Descartes and Carl Jung to name but a few.

Through a comparison with factors mentioned by seventy four self-confessed questing people, the authors identify the attributes and triggers that propelled these thinkers along their journeys.  What is more, these very features underpin the heroic thinking and actions of the heroes of Brave New World, Nineteen Eighty Four and Fahrenheit 451.

Light Bulb Moments and the Power of Critical Thinking is a call to arms to enhance society’s Critical Thinking skills and with that embrace a future rooted not only in evidence-based thinking but also in truth.

Copies of the book can be purchased on Amazon, price £15.99 ( or direct from Truth University Press alongside with bags, mugs, notebooks and pens celebrating Critical Thinking (   Signed copies can be obtained from the authors at the ‘Questioning History’ conference near Battle on 16-18 December.

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