Originally called 9MM, Bronx MC Derrick Keyes re-dubbed himself Nine to make his name more palatable for radio play. Reportedly, aside from the gun talk, the name alludes to his birthdate (9/19/1969), as well as his shoe size. There was little toning down of the boom-bap flava of this jeep-rocking anthem, however, kicking off with a sample from Otis Redding’s ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ before igniting into a speaker-rocking bassline, and a beat so strong you’re in danger of getting your neck snapped.

Appropriately, portions of this boom-bap banger were used in advertisements for the US Jeep brand. The firm apparently never sought permission, however, prompting Nine’s team to take legal action. The track cropped up on the album ‘Nine Livez’.

“What you want Nine? An ill posse and my name up in lights – N-I-N-E.”

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