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One individual cannot change the world, but they CAN be an essential part of the PROCESS that does.

If you’re awake and aware now – possibly a new recruit via the Scamdemic – but you’re not doing anything pro-active with the knowledge you’ve gained, it’s time to get on the battlefield and join all the other brothers and sisters fighting in this spiritual war.

As Bob Marley remarked – “The people who want to make this world worse never take a day off. How can I?”

Details of all upcoming events are here:

I now have a new donations page set up at Liberapay. If you have found value in my work and would like to see it continue, you’re be able to make a donation at:

The interview with Dr, Brian Ardis:

A second interview:

Details of the EU agendas being sneaked in under the radar:

To get hold of the playing cards featured:

My Mixcloud page for The Sound of Now:

My Mixcloud page for The Sound of Freedom:

To order Root Wellness natural health/ immune boosting products as featured in a previous Good Vibrations episode:

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