Just over a year now since I put out this video, and produced my first resource leaflet giving alternative information to all the Covid propaganda coming from the mainstream media.

Some of us have been able to see this scam for what it is right from day one, while others were a little slower on the uptake. Not saying there’s anything special about us, or seeking any kind of praise. It’s just, when you’ve been studying the tactics and the plans of the psychopthic “elites’ for some time, they do become tediously predictable in their moves, and it becomes possible to spot yet another of their scams in a heartbeat.

I poured my heart and soul into this one and it was intended as a wake-up call for normies, as I felt the need to be sounding the alarm bell from day one. While a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and some of the information may now be outdated, overall I feel it still stands a useful resource for anyone just starting to stir from their slumbers in explaining the true nature of those that feel they have the right to control us all, and where they plan to take things.

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  1. Thank you for your video Mark, you are one of the few people I can rely upon to hear the truth. Historically, I’ve listened to you on YouTube (subscribed). Why I didn’t go to your website in the first instance, I know not.
    I’ve been on the same page since about May last year and dedicated my metwou site to promote the truth. However, to date, I haven’t had one single conversion (most think I’m crazy, including friends (as was) and family, believes the truth, so listening to your videos helps keep me sane (crazy is the new normal).
    I’ve pasted your link on my site below. If they still don’t listen-up, then well, as you say there isn’t any hope.
    I’m a big fan of David’s as found him after looking for answers. As for believing about aliens and the like yes, have photographic evidence and other dimesnions etc, as also physic, so see, hear and feel other phenomena. All information I was seeking is in David’s book ‘EVERYTHING YOU ENTED TO KNOW, but have never been told.
    Look forward to meeting you in the not to distant future (Northampton event). Please will you let me know how to sign-up for as I can’t recall which video earlier in the year you mention this event?
    Thank you Mark, most appreciate your thoughts and factual information, and on the same page 100%.

    Kind regards

    Denise set this up to support people post truth

    1. Thanks for your efforts, Denise.

      If it serves as any kind of encouragement, while you may not have had evidence of any of your efforts waking anyone new up, I, in the contrary, have had hundreds of messages from people in the past year saying that the insanity of the Scamdemic has stirred them out of their mind control and got them on the path to truth. And the ones that took the time to contact me to tell me so will only be a small proportion of those that have. So we can conclude that, just through my output, tens if not hundreds of thousands have woken up. Consider that the same dynamic will have been taking place with the output of so many other truth researchers around the world, and it becomes clear that millions must have been stirred out of their slumbers this past year.

      There’s all the info you need on the Questioning Science weekend in this post. See you there:

  2. The most concise information I have seen in this whole Plandemic. Brilliant work Mark, it is very much appreciated.

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