One last Q&A session for the year where I give my thoughts on some questions posed to me over the months.

I opted to disable the comments on this one – please listen to the part early on where I address this. If nothing else, it’s fun to piss off trolls. (Hi, Barry!)

I can be e-mailed directly at markdevlinuk@gmail.com for anyone who wishes to get in touch.

Musical Truth Volumes 1 and 2 and The Cause & the Cure are available at Amazon here:

Or I can mail out signed copies direct. Please contact me on the e-mail address above to arrange.

Lestrade’s articles on Dunblane and Hungerford, housed on Miles Mathis’ site, can be accessed here:

My Vegan Roundtable discussion edition of Good Vibrations with Nathan Riddett, Sean McCann and Jo Lomax is here:

My edition of Good Vibrations taking about the infiltration of reggae music with Rodney Shabazz is here:

My appearance on Croww777 Radio taking about punk and New York’s strange Chelsea hotel is here:

Information on the Seed 4 Growth event in Athens, Ohio, May 2020 here:

Information on Music’s Military and Mind Control Connections event in Brisbane, Australia, 19th March 2020 here:

(For the Sydney and Perth legs of the above event on 21st and 22nd March respectively, keep an eye on www.markdevlin.co.uk for updates.)

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