David Noakes has just been added to the line-up of this event, talking about what the suppression of his GCMaf cancer cure, with its proven record of success, tells us about the true nature of the cancer industry.

He joins John Hamer, Gerry Docherty, Gloria Moss, Alan Bariffi, Andrew Gough, Lucy Wyatt and myself, scrutinising the official version of many subjects that we have been fed throughout history, from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the identity of Shakespeare, to the Titanic, the Beatles, and the Electronic Dance Music revolution.

This promises to be a fulfilling event in great surroundings, with fascinating subjects and like-minded people. If you can attend, it would greatly help the organisers out in meeting the upfront costs of staging the event, if you could purchase your tickets in advance. All info is at the link below: 

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