Last December I participated in the Questioning History residential conference in Hertfordshire, England. I’m happy to announce that the event is planned to return over the weekend before Christmas this year, (Covid madness willing!) This time it runs from Friday to Sunday. 

The event brings together like-minded people for presentations challenging the official versions that we’ve been given of many historical events, and examining the evidence for re-assessing our understanding of how they really went down.

I’ll be giving three talks across the weekend, as follows:

Friday – Proof The Coronavirus Scamdemic Was Pre-Planned.

Saturday – The Dark Heart of the BBC.

Sunday –  Manufacturing The 1960s Hippie Dream.

Other speakers will include Gerry Docherty, Gloria Moss, Andrew Gough and David Bates.

It would certainly help the organisers in being able to pre-plan and confirm whether the event can go ahead as anticipated, if anyone who knows they can attend could make an early booking. After the sort of year we’ve all had, I’m sure many of us could use rounding it off with some valuable fellowship and some stimulating food-for-thought, in some friendly, social surroundings. 

Booking and further details at the following link:

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