Anyone up for having their mind blown? Good. Here’s the 7-minute audio experience to do it.

From the off, Ras Kass was one of the scene’s most controversial rappers. As part of the supergroup The HRSMN, he shared mic duties with fellow heavy guys Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt. As a solist, his debut single ‘Remain Anonymous’ instantly hitting the hall of fame for quotable lyrics.

No-one was quite ready for ‘Nature Of The Threat’, a truly spellbinding journey through human history and the comings and goings of civilisations, all delivered from a deeply Afrocentric (or ‘pro-black’) standpoint. There are some bold claims here, many of which were refuted at the time. And with so many deep subjects on display, few would ever have the time to research the validity of what Ras is saying. Either way, it’s an extraordinary and unique record.

‘Let freedom reign with a buckshot, but not just yet.’

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