I would like to propose that we make this ‘Reach A Normie’ week, whereby every one of us who knows the mainstream ‘coronavirus’ narrative is a monumental lie and a smokescreen for so much more, makes a pledge to win over at least one regular member of society – a family member, a friend, a colleague – who has never previously thought to question the government or the mainstream news, but who might be compelled to do so given the right push. 

We’ll all know people who are so heavily conditioned and mind-controlled that they’d never ‘get it’ if they lived to be 1,000. These people are a waste of resources and energy and must be left to their own karma. There will be others who have the potential for facing up to truth if given the right information, and we’ll all know who these people are.

On that note, the link at the end is where you can watch back David Icke’s era-defining interview with London Real from yesterday.

I can already hear the choruses of “Icke’s a shill,’ ‘don’t trust London Real’, etc. It doesn’t matter what any one individual thinks of Icke, the things he’s said in the past, or this platform. The emphasis here is on what he’s saying about the lies and deceptions that are being spun by the mainstream media about ‘COVID-19’ and, more importantly, what it was devised to lead us into, UNLESS vast numbers of us refuse to consent and comply with what’s planned. His information here is spot-on, nobody could put it better, and his is the best and loudest voice we currently have for freedom, rights and common sense.

This is an ideal video to share with ‘normies’, so long as they’ve not already fallen for the programming that “he’s a conspiracy theorist” or “a nutter.” That Terry Wogan BBC interview was a LONG time ago, and much water has passed under the bridge since then!

Please share far and wide. This has the potential to be viewed by, and to influence, many, many millions of people.

Right on cue, I just received this e-mail of a reminder of what CAN happen when we work on people, but we’ll never know unless we try:

“I am so pleased my friend knew nothing before lock down , got her to listen to your stuff, now a 180 way of thinking. Think the loss of work etc… and the crazy info from government made is easier to get her to look.”

Proof positive that we CAN all influence people. There’s one who may previously have rolled up her sleeve to take a vaccine who now, hopefully, would think otherwise. 

If each person we reached influenced just one other in turn, imagine how quickly we could turn this numbers game to humanity’s advantage.

Don’t give up.

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  1. Totally agree Mark. All those who are aware of the deceptions encompassing this world should try their best to reach out to others who aren't of same thinking milieu and try to ignite something in them. To make them question firstly, and further on proving them with information that will aid them understand this event and eventually the broader perspective of this global conspiracy.

    As you said, some are useless, but there are many who are somewhat sceptic of this whole affair and have questions but are unsure and somewhat feel alone and scared to be ostracised by others. We should find those within our social circle whom are ready to listen and actually be able to question and comprehend what you are saying.

    I live in a small island called Malta and honestly is seems at first that 99% of population are just dumb order followers but I have learned that many just need someone who is able to provide them with the right proof and evidence and hopefully they act upon it. I must say, the fact there are now practically tens of doctors and nurses talking out about this does give us some credibility. People like Andrew Kaufman, Thomas S.Cowan, Rashid A. Buttar and others, actually have been of great help to us to show people that we aren’t just some nut-job tinfoil hat wearing freaks trying to convince people about our views. Instead we have parts of the mainstream coming out and actually exposing the mainstream narrative itself! This is good to see. I am constantly trying my best to give out information and initiate discussion and questioning with others. Some see me as some kind of fundamentalist, some as it’s just my opinion and others just seem to listen, but in reality they didn’t understand a word. Nevertheless, I have been able to reach at least 2 or 3 people who now not only question the mainstream narrative but actually are very sceptic of what is being told by the propaganda news outlets.

    Thank you for your work Mark! You and many others are the frontlines in this fight for human freedom. You are the equivalent of all those frontline nurses in hospitals dancing on tiktok. The only difference is that you you’re not dancing on tiktok and you’re actually doing your job!