Here’s another option for everyone that’s been asking, “what can we do?”
I’ve put together a sheet of resources ideal for introducing regular folk who never usually look at ‘alternative’ information, to the current put-up job that is the “coronavirus pandemic.” Many of the links are to videos by qualified medical professionals, lest anyone think this is all ‘crazy conspiracy stuff.’ It’s available for downloading from the following link. 
You can amend the document to add your own resources if you wish. The idea is that as many people as possible print off several copies and post them in public places, or under car windscreen wipers. Right now the best way we have of turning this situation around in humanity’s favour, is by engaging large numbers of ‘regular’ folk to acknowledge they’re being lied to, and to be forewarned of the next steps to come, notably mandated vaccines.
I’ll be putting a bunch of these out. Who’s with me?

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