I’m very honoured to have been asked to contribute a presentation to this years’ Seed 5 conference, happening on-line over the weekend of 23rd/ 24th September. Mine is scheduled to go out at 3.10pm EST on the Saturday.

I’m in great company with some amazing names from the truth and freedom community also on the bill.

Please support the efforts of the organisers in putting on this fine event if you can. All the details are on the attached flyers.

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  1. Mark – I am extremely grateful for all of your research.

    In MT3…..just before the index, you included an appendix which I have been following up with amazing results.

    I will email you soon.

    My email has changed, following extreme difficulties with Outlook/Hotmail/Microsoft.
    My new email address is given below.

    All the Best – Alan Rundle.

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