I’m unlike Bob Geldof (in so many ways!) in that I DO like Mondays, and I always get a lot done. On this particular Monday I’m feeling positive and uplifted, (whIch isn’t always the case,) so this video is to project some of that high-vibrational energy out into Creation, and to offer an array of different perspectives on the times in which we’re living from my correspondence mailbag.

Community Assemblies  https://ke-ca.co.uk/ are an initiative, started in Cornwall but which has gone worldwide, for the setting up of local systems to replace the existing corporate structures.

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  1. Hi Mark, I know you receive countless correspondence currently in these crazy covidmania times…. but I thought I would give this a go and see if my comments reach you.. Firstly let me say I have been following most of you output over various platforms and you inspire me and my small group to keep fighting and resisting this manufactured, tyrannical, psychological attack to destroy the fabric and divinity of this reality….
    I heard you reading from your mailbag on yesterdays [24thMay] show and a couple of comments caught my attention. Firstly the chap who spoke about being utterly frustrated and dejected by the apparent lack of positive intervention from benevolent forces in this ongoing battle….I have sympathy for his feelings, perspective and overview, I have been their myself many times and It sometimes feels that we are howling at the moon and the universe is not listening or responding to our pleas and intent for humanity to see the planned destruction of our families, communities, and our precious lands …
    In response i would offer my perspective ,opinion and understanding, every empire falls, Entropy cannot be circumvented and as each empire falls ,the greatest upheaval, trauma and release of negative satanic forces are unleashed onto the people….The Irish have a saying which I believe is pertinent ….Night is darkest just before the dawn ,I feel we are nearing these times and the cabal are throwing everything they have at us in a death dance of lunacity
    Now is the time to regroup and double down on everything we are engaged in presently.
    I for one will never give up or give in, I look into my children’s and grandchildren’s eyes and see innocence and purity of light, I am not going to meet the creator knowing I could have done more to conquer the demonic parasites ,I owe my family that and with every breath in my body I have left, will be spent in this spiritual battle. So please keep up what your doing Mark , the force and the purity of light burns strongly in you … On a lighter note.. you said you were due to go travelling up the A82 into the Highlands Glencoe etc here is a wee video which shows the route through Glencoe heading North ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8IMdfwjMUc you are so spot on about the Highlands the spirit of the Cailleach pronounced [ KIELLAX] is strong there .she is the protector of the mountains and is renowned in Scots Gaelic, Irish and Manx mythology …people may sneer but if you have ever stood on the summit of Ben Nevis as a 14year old boy and had a transcendental mystic experience like I did looking out over Loch Linnhe to the wild Atlantic and Skye and the mammoth Grampians to the east ,then you will know the power of Cailleach and Beira and the majesty of nature in that area.. I had a father who took us camping every summer to CrainlarIch the Great glen, Fort William, Skye and Airasaig , wonderful times in nature spotting golden eagles, buzzards, red kites and deer, foxes, he taught me so much about the wonders of nature and how to respect and care for the creatures, above all he taught me that we are part of a masterplan , a divinity part of endless creation we are eternal souls ,passing through here to learn and develop & grow, we need to rediscover our heritage of civility and peace and we should all look to nature to encourage and inspire us on this sacred journey ……..the cabal are anti nature because they know the divinity of creation they try and destroy or replicate it at every turn [ analogue v digital] My advice is go to the places like Scottish Highlands, Lake district, Donegal , West coast Ireland Cornwall, and those types of locations ,you will invariably reconnect with source and the ancient ancestors will speak and fill our hearts with courage, wisdom and civility, make the effort to reconnect with nature and reject the poison of fakery, synthetic artificial man made creations which limit our spirituality …….that’s my rant over Mark, I hope you and your family have a great time in the beautiful Highlands and the Midges don’t bite you too much !! . Throw a stone into a river or pool and ask the god of the mountains and glens to purge the shadow of evil on mankind, Safe journey brother … lastly here is a wee song by Scottish band Runrig which always inspires and comforts me so poignant in these crazy times …enjoy …..like the lyrics say……….whenever the greatest flame starts burning ..this is OUR time…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9INRdwzna0

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