As more and more in Britain (though still nowhere near enough) prepare for further protests, some thoughts on how worryingly easy it was for the social-engineers to apply their absurd Covid rules and regulations owing to a distinct lack of common sense and critical thinking among grown adults.

Also, the satanically-inverted society in which we live, where the virtue-signallers who think obeying government dictates is a moral act, are actually helping to strip away the rights of everyone else, and those demonised as ‘anti-maskers,’ far from being irresponsible, are actually fighting to restore personal freedoms! 

It could only be life in 2020. 

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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for you broadcasts, much appreciated. I was interested to hear that you will be interviewing Charlie Freak again…yes he is indeed a controversial character in this whole script. Happy to hear you will be posing some of the most relevant questions arising from what he has shared so far. I would be very grateful if you would bring forth the following question during your upcoming interview. I feel it is most relevant for the listeners…but it has remained unanswered when posed to Mr Freak himself.

    He of course aligns himself completely with the whole Q narrative, but in at least two of his broadcasts he has brought forth the idea that we should be recognising (if not worshipping) this entity known as Jehovah/Yaweh. This is concerning, as it brings a definitive religious slant to his narrative, not to mention the fact that the organisation that promotes this entity the most (Jehovah's Witnesses) are plagued with accounts of child abuse from paedophiles within its very patriachal system.

    Many of us are confused as to why he is promoting this entity, but will not answer basic questions about why he is promoting it directly…and how exactly that aligns with the whole Q narrative. It feels like a bit of a 'bait and switch' scenario…so if you could endeavour to clarify his position on this during your interview, that would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks…and keep up the Good Work.