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A new announcement – the MD Archives now available on a 1TB USB stick, rather than an external USB disk drive.

Mark Devlin has been researching and publishing information on the true nature of the music and entertainment industries – as well as on many connected subject areas such as mass mind-control, social-engineering, occult ritual, karma and Natural Law – for the best part of fifteen years.

This archive brings together the vast majority of everything he has published during this time, and offers an opportunity to preserve all of these resources safely and censorship-free, where they can be delved into at leisure with no need for an internet connection.

The archives include:

  • Every episode of the Good Vibrations podcast going back to 2011.
  • Every episode of The Sound of Freedom conscious music podcast going back to 2013.
  • All episodes of the Magical Mystery Talk podcasts on occult aspects of the Beatles.
  • Almost every radio, podcast or video interview Mark has appeared on – over 400 in number.
  • All of Mark’s regular video updates from the start of Covid in early 2020 onwards.
  • Over 60 of Mark’s conference talks and presentations dating back to 2013.
  • The MD-narrated audiobook versions of Musical Truth Volumes 1 and 3, and The Cause & The Cure.
  • The soundtracks to The Cause & The Cure and The Gift & The Curse.

All this data can be housed on a 1-terrabyte USB memory stick, (compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux) as detailed here:

The package is available for £58, plus packing and fully trackable postage.

The cost consists of the £8 to purchase the disk drive, then £50 – or anything further anyone may wish to offer by way of a personal donation – for the service of filling it up and returning by post. Buyers will hopefully agree that this represents great value considering the colossal amount of content being offered, and the amount of time and energy it took to collate.

P&P costs will depend on where in the world the drive is being shipped to.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or via Paypal.

To order a copy of the archives, please e-mail in the first instance to arrange.

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