As the title of Neil Sanders’ recent book on Charles Manson puts it, ‘Now Is The Only Thing That’s Real.’ Sages and gurus the world over have related the wisdom of letting go of attachment to the past and the future, and living in the Now moment. It sounds obvious, but the Now is all we have, and learning to be content within in and to harness its maximum potential, is key to navigating these challenging times.

Thoughts also on the recent strange illnesses of so many Truthers, the apparent overturning of the agenda to spear 12-year-olds at school, the shocking violence unleashed by thuggish police savages at the recent protest event in Newcastle, and a few announcements.

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To complain to Northumbria Police (“Proud To Protect”!!) about the shocking violence unleashed by their officers at the Freedom protest in Newcastle on 28th August 2021:

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