Today’s the day for the first instalment of my new show, The Sound Of Freedom, on The People’s Voice. It streams from 7 to 9pm GMT, (and repeated between 2 and 4am for the benefit of the US crowd.) If you miss it, I’ll be posting the download links and full playlist on my Soundcloud page tomorrow.

With the proliferation of mind-numbing, spirit-crushing brain candy being constantly peddled by the mainstream, it’s easy to forget that real music is still being made, by credible artists, with intelligence, insight and creativity. TSOF will be where to catch the very best of it, as an uplifting antidote.  The show’s mission is to offer a selection of music, both old and new, whose lyrics address the many subject areas which the People’s Voice will be covering. These will range from the conspiratorial and confrontational, through to the spiritual, esoteric and inspirational – plus all points in between!  

The music will be mainly hip hop-based, but with some reggae and soulful grooves, and the occasional journey into other styles. A pivotal feature will be The Truth Trip, which each week will re-visit three tunes from decades past, with the artists of the day articulating ideas that are just as relevant now as they were back when they were recorded – and sometimes moreso!

Appropriate music-makers are very welcome to send in any music they feel might be appropriate for the show to

The People’s Voice is a 24-hour non-profit on-line TV and radio network, spearheaded by David Icke, and due for global launch on 25th November. The aim is to bring the public news, information, views, opinion and entertainment that won’t be found anywhere else all in one place, and certainly not in the mainstream media. With no corporate affiliations, it undertakes to offer truthful perspective on subjects ranging from current affairs, to alternative health issues, to matters of spirituality and the true nature of reality. For more, go to

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