C0(n)v!d was always the warm-up for the p$yc*0p@th$’ even more audacious plan – that of “Gl0b*l W@rm!ng.” They won’t get there, though, as they’re not out of the woods with the Sc@mdem!c. The truth is continuing to come out, and it WILL be their undoing. It’s just a question of how long it will take and how much more we all have to endure until it does.

And when it does – where will that leave all who have been complicit in helping push the lies and the g*n0c!de? All the treasonous doctors, politicians, mainstream media whores-for-hire, and pathetic “celebrities”? How will THEY be judged?

A few event announcements and some extracts from the mailbag in this video also.

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