In the absence of current access to my Facebook account, I’m re-posting this here from Charles DeVerre…

The owner of Pimlico Plumbers, London’s largest independent plumbers, has publicly stated in interview that all his staff must be jabbed with the untested, unlicensed, experimental, DNA-changing, gene-therapy, unicorn-juice, Covid -19 ‘vaccine’ or be fired. He also states that ALL ‘unvaccinated’ public must not be allowed on the streets or in public.

Please navigate to their website link below and leave your views on their website, Facebook, Google and Trustpilot (link on the website under the Feedback section). It is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE on any level that commercial enterprises publicly espouse discrimination like this.

Also, feel free to dial 101 (from the UK) to report them for discrimination and hate speech. This can be done anonymously and also online. I have done both. If enough complaints are received, the police will investigate and he should end up in court.

My review below for reference….

Illegal, discriminatory, immoral and unethical bullshit being espoused by their owner, Charlie Mullins stating that unvaccinated people should not even be allowed out on the street – see you in court on that one. I bet you wouldn’t say that about wheelchair users, blacks, Irish or the disabled. Think very carefully about using this company with attitudes like that – they insist on their staff being force-vaccinated otherwise they are fired (no excuses), which means you will be letting staff into your house who are shedding Coronavirus from the vaccine (fact – look it up).

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