In any sane, moral society, populated in part by real, authentic males, there would have been a worldwide uprising MONTHS AGO that would have put down this Evil and tyranny in its tracks. But that’s not the kind of society we’ve got. It’s clear now that it’s going to take full genocide and massive population reduction for the ignorant masses to wake from their comatose stupors as to what’s really going on … if they even do then. Nothing less is going to do it.

They’ve chosen it that way, and the Universe will respond. That’s how Natural Law works. Mark Passio’s been saying it for years: the level of suffering a society endures is DIRECTLY related the level of consciousness at which it’s operating.

Unfortunately, that means the few of us who DO take personal responsibility towards Truth and morality, and who DON’T deserve to have to live in these conditions, get lumped right in with the vast, overwhelming majority who do.

And that’s why we’re now destined to spend every day of the rest of our natural lives fighting this cosmic battle of Good Vs. Evil.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Greetings from the Fylde Coast in Lancashire where the filthy fracking industry backed by it’s government cronies and Constabulary enforcers started and finished it’s UK activities. Thanks to all aspects of high profile activism and a very timely intervention from Mother Earth in the form of swarms of minor Hydrofrac Earthquakes and one big property damaging seismic event on August Bank Holiday Monday, 2019 that finished them off!

    Anyway I’d just like to make you aware that I believe that the existing UK Coronavirus state of emergency is predicated upon deliberate Government misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the numbers of UK citizens who have actually died from Coronavirus. The present total they broadcast is just over 127,000 which sometimes carries a caveat that this number is those people who have died within 28 days of a possibly positive Coronavirus test result or with Coronavirus mentioned on their Death Certificate, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE ACTUAL EVENTUAL CAUSE OF DEATH!

    Thinking this through I believe that the total number of England and Wales residents who have been KILLED BY Coronavirus is unlikely to exceed 12,700. Far less than those dying from smoking related diseases or traffic accidents during the last 15 months I’m sure but please confirm before quoting me!

    Accordingly our government should immediately ban the sale if tobacco based products and private motor vehicles if they really cared about our physical and mental well being. Then remove all Lockdowns and untested injection programs in the same announcement.

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