… Or, as David Holmes put it on his 1995 album, ‘This Film’s Crap, Let’s Slash The Seats.’ 

We hear the constant suggestion that we’re unwitting participants in a movie, and that the masses “have to be shown” how evil and corrupt the control system is to “wake them up.” Things have now become so utterly absurd and farcical, however, that anyone who hasn’t yet realised that this is NOTHING to do with any ‘P@nd£m!c’ is, frankly, beyond all hope and redemption. They wouldn’t get it if they lived to be a thousand.

If the circumstances in which we’re now living had been presented as the potential plotline for a film or TV series, it would have been rejected on the grounds that it’s “too far-fetched.”

And yet, here we are. How did we EVER let it come to this?

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  1. Well said Mark. Keep on sending info. You are so right. I just can’t believe how people cannot see what is going on and lining up for the So called Vaccination so happily and willingly. Frightening. Regards Biba

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