“’Cos the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th.”

20 years ago today Notorious BIG was gunned down in Los Angeles. Two decades on the LAPD still don’t seem to be able to find who did it. I’m sure they’ve been working really hard on it though, bless them.

I can remember clearly being told the news on a Monday morning back in 1997. I was working in a magazine office at the time, and a sleazy sales guy came in grinning, saying ‘I bet you’re in morning today.’ When I asked him what he meant he said, ‘you know, that fat rapper who was shot.’ I called DJ Diggz who I worked with on Galaxy 101 to get confirmation, and he’d already heard. The next call was to Jamie Topham at the UK office of Arista to get an official statement.

Here’s the tribute section to Biggie that I broadcast on my Galaxy show that week. R.I.P Biggie.

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