What an awesome day and evening yesterday at the Truth & Freedom Alldayer in Cirencester. The 12 hours flew by in a flash!  I was hugely inspired that people had travelled from so far to be a part of it, which just shows how lacking these types of events are in this country. We had so many positive comments about the information and entertainment, and it was touching to see people connecting and vibing with other like-minded souls. Nothing but positive feedback about the venue, too. Thanks again to all who came. You made it special.

Videos of the speakers and acts will be available on Youtube in due course. In the meantime, anyone that was there is invited to connect and network via the Facebook group here –

Many have asked if we will be back?  In some shape or form, we sure will!

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  1. Truth., and freedom. Huh. I knew within 2 minutes of listening to you, that you were pushing ickes satanic agenda. Why don't you do a remix of madame Blavatsky's teachings. David icke is a nutter, what is your excuse.