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Exhumed from the vaults. Valerie Savage is my cousin, from Oxfordshire, England. She won a songwriting competition in 1972 when she was 16, which involved a professional recording session with Pye Records. Pye pressed up and distributed this single. Clearly I’m biased, but to my ears, this has a kind of Joni Mitchell/Carole King-ish vibe to it, and I can imagine either of those two artists singing this. Sadly Val never pursued a musical career after this, and it remains a solitary obscurity that hardly anyone will ever have heard. An original rare groove!

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Yes your cousin Valerie does sound like Joni Mitchell, but knowing what we do about the music industry she might have been better off staying out of it.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Newcastle for the two talks there. Please let me know when tickets are available. Have to book the train from Scotland.

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