(Explicit language warning.)
Thoughts on:
Mind games and psychological manipulations straight out of Tavistock, some pre-emptive comments regarding Q, Trump and the White Hats, condemnation of treacherous so-called ‘journalists’ who peddle lies and self-serving doctors who knowingly conceal truths, a call for an Army of Truth Warriors to drop Bombs all over mainstream ‘news’ platforms to wake up ‘normies,’ and ‘quakers,’ and word on some upcoming shows.
My podcast with David Parker and Dawn Lester, authors of ‘What Really Makes You Ill: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong’ is here:

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  1. Thanks again Mark – another great speech showing all the injustices succinctly. I am the only one I know who agrees with what you say so it's quite hard for me here!! I have emailed a lot of people I know with pertinent video clips attached – to no avail so far, but you were very encouraging about plodding on . I have the Dawn and David book which is excellent and looking forward to getting your 80s music one. Regards, JW