(… Or this could have been titled, ‘We Are At War (No Shit, Sherlock,) since this is all too obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention. Yet still – somehow – there are seething masses of normies scurrying around in masks thinking everything’s fine in the world, and our loving governments are going to let us have all our freedoms back soon, because they’re nice like that. Just imagine.)

This War in which we find ourselves is different to any that’s been waged before, because this one is a War for the mind. We are witnessing a full-scale attack from the Psychological Industrial Complex, and we are the first generation that’s ever had to deal with such a threat. Propaganda is doing battle with Truth.

We are also THE LAST generation that stands a chance of heading off the tyrannical threat which looms before us, and instead steering the future of society in OUR desired direction. Our children’s generation will never forgive us if we fail.

Are those of us on the frontline of the battlefield up to the job?

To stream/ download the Old School 90s mix:


For more on the Glasgow protest rally on Saturday 24th April:


To download the Morrisons letter for personalisation and re-distribution:


To download copies of my latest information leaflet for normies, focusing on the dangers of the V-word agenda.

Side A:


Side B:


For a list of 30 professional doctors questioning the safety and efficiency of vaccines – another good one for BBC-watching normies with their sleeves rolled up:


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  1. Great presentation Mark. Well done, really enjoyed it!
    Looking forward to seeing Mark Passio on your show, what a really GREAT guest, he is an amazing human being, I love his Natural Law information too.

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