As I’ve said before, this Summer is when the resistance and fightback HAS to happen, as we won’t get another chance like it. It’s not unreasonable to assume that some previously unexpected factor might work in our favour, very quickly. It’s happened before in history, and I feel we’re about due another one. The door is open to Divine Intervention any time it comes knocking.

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  1. I will be attending the ww rally in Nelson, British Columbia today. The unfortunate part of this is the fact that we are fighting fire in all directions. The smoke is incredible and wildlife is dying fiery deaths. One or two small electrical storm and that was enough to set off the tinder dry forests. I watched them all winter dropping fake snow (yes, very fake) and then rain (white rain) in the spring. All, I assume were laced with desiccants, it’s so obvious.
    The other unfortunate part is that this area has been spoon fed government handouts and inundated with the counterpart of the BBC (CBC), so the mindset is appallingly daft and it seems most are vaccinated.
    We are being bombarded worldwide with whatever they can dump on us and in us (mind virus).
    Great interview with Right Said Fred! Awesome you had an interview with Van!!! The silence from the music industry is truly deafening.
    Evil will certainly step on itself, you can count on that.
    As always Mark, truly appreciate your messages of hope even though we all go through tremendous despair. Our spirits are strong and resilient.

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