The architects of the current tyranny we’re all experiencing are, at their core, dark occultists. They understand how to use the forces of Nature for their own evil ends. The Universe responds accordingly.
It follows then, that those of us who desire upliftment and emancipation for humanity also have these same forces at our disposal to manifest the outcome that WE wish to experience.
I’ve posted a few of these up around the house as a permanent affirmation of my Will. I’m so sick of the phrases ‘coronavirus’, ‘COVID-19’ and ‘pandemic’ going round and round in my head that I wanted to counter and over-write them with these words instead. Words and phrases have energetic signatures. Sending ones with positive intent into the ether is very powerful.
The document can be downloaded from here for anyone who wants to grab and use it themselves.
God helps those who help themselves.

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  1. Hey there mark this is Chris, not sure if you remember me? I made a film a couple years back about September 11th entitled Alchemy, facing reality. You allowed me to use bits from a chapter in your earlier book musical truth. You didn't have time for an interview then as you were super busy. Which is totally understandable, maybe we can reschedule now as we have a lot of time on our hands. But I wanted to reach out because I'm trying to link to these flyers you made that I heard you discuss. I want to print some out and link to them as well here in the US so we can get some disseminated. Having trouble with the link is not working for me. Anyway you can help?